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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii1j

Map of Ako in Edo era

Chapter 1
The Background of Genroku period

The Edo era started and one hundred years passed.

During the Genroku period the fifth Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa issued
the law of Shourui-awaremi(the law that forbid the selling of fish and birds
and punish severely those who killed and injured dogs) and the culture of
the merchants was prospering brilliantly among a peaceful world.

In those days, the feudal lord of Ako castle, Asano Takuminokami
Naganori governed 50,000 koku(1 koku is 150kg) teritories which included
the county of Ako, Kasai , Katou and Sayo. Naganori's grandfather
Naganao became the owner of Ako castle in the second year of the Shoho
period (1645). Naganori was the third generation of the Asano family of

Naganao built Ako castle and set up waterworks that diverted water from
the Chigusa river. The salt made formerly in Ako was developed more and
became famous in Osaka, Edo and Kyoto because of its good quality. On
the other hand, new farms were also cultivated.

For this reason although the amount of chigyodaka(the yield of rice in his
fief) was nominally 50,000 koku, it was really 70,000 koku.


Chapter 2
Ninjyo in Edo Castle(injuring a person with a sword)

It is the 14th year of the Genroku period (1701).

On the first day of this year, a messenger of the Shogun went annually to
the Inperial Court in Kyoto to celebrate a happy new year's day. In return
for it, Chokushi(a messenger of the Emperor) from the Imperial Court went
down to Edo, too. This is customary. The ceremony that welcome this
messenger to the Shogunate was held according to the old customs of the
Imperial Court which made much of manners, so the Daimyo who
entertained the messenger went to much trouble.

On new year's day of this year, it was Koke(the role to coach the
courtesy), Kira Kouzukenosuke Yoshinaka who went to Kyoto as a
messenger. On February 2nd when Kouzukenosuke was not yet back to
Edo, the Shougunate ordered Asano Takuminokami Naganori to serve
Chokushi and Date-Sakyonosuke Muratoyo(the feudal lord of Yoshida,
Ehime prefecture, who governed 30,000 koku) to serve Inshi(a messenger
of Retired Emperor).

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