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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraiiUj

"I don't remember Takuminokami bearing a grudge against me. It seems as
though Takuminokami is quite mad. I also don't recall doing anything
that would make him angry at me because I am old."

This is how they finished the investigation of both Takuminokami and
Kozukenosuke and the result was reported from the Rouju to Yanagisawa
Dewanokami, the Sobayonin(a officer who serves under the Shogun and
conveys messages from Roju to the Shogun or from the Shogun to Roju)
who reported to the Shogun. Then Shogun decided what would happen

Takuminokami was left with Tamura-Ukyodayu-Tateaki(the feudal lord of
Ichinoseki, Iwate prefecture,30,000 koku) for a while, and he was told,
"You didn't respect the place of Matsunoroka where nobody must draw a
sword and it was outrageous of you to draw a sword at the Matsunoroka
and try to cut Kozukenosuke with the sword, because you are angry with
him. "So he was ordered to commit hara-kiri. Kozukenosuke was told, "it
was good of you to be respectful of the place and not put up opposition
to Takuminokami. Take the treatment for your wound and return to your
former work as soon as the wound heals."

At that time, in Samurai society, both men who quarreled were punished
in spite of the reason for the fight. But in the Genroku period this law
was not carried out.

Takuminokami committed hara-kiri just after 6 o'clock in the evening.

Tamura's residence

After Takuminokami was left at the Tamura's residence and he was
locked in a room, he wanted to tell his feelings to his retainers. He was
not allowed to write a letter, he was allowed to only send a message.
The following was the message, "I should have informed you of this, but
I can do nothing now. You will think it is strange. "This sentence was
written in a few words.

The retainers of Takuminokami, Kataoka-Gengoemon said, "I want to
see Takuminokami before he dies. Eventually, he was allowed. When he
was ordered to his commit hara-kiri, Takuminokami waited for a split
second and they exchanged greetings with their eyes.

Takuminokami ended his lifetime 35 years old. He left this Jisei-no-
Waka(the poem which he wrote just before he died). Flowers are swaying
in the wind. I feel sad because spring is coming to an end. I don't want
to die just like I don't want flowers to wilt at the end of spring.

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