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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii7j

Express palanquin


Chapter 3
Evacuation of Ako castle
As soon as possible, Hayami-Tozaemon and Kayano-Sanpei left Edo, to
inform to Ako of the incident. It was about 600km from Edo to Ako.
They rode palanquin all day, and all night, and they arrived at Ako
castle at 6 a.m. on the 19th. Hara-Soemon and Ohishi-Sezaemon left
Edo too, and they arrived in Ako at 8 p.m. on the 19th. It took 4 and a
half days from Edo to Ako. At that time this was very fast.

The first messengers, Hayami and Kayano informed Ako that Takumino-
kami was to commit hara-kiri and the second messengers, Hara and
Ohishi informed Ako of Takuminokami Asano's having committed hara-
kiri. Because he committed hara-kiri, Ako castle and the land of Ako
had to be confiscated, but the messengers didn't know what Kozukeno-
suke had done, or what had been done to him.

Breathing well

In Ako castle, the first position of Karo,Kuranosuke-Yoshitaka Ohishi
held a meeting every day from the 19th. By the following day they
received information of the younger brother, Asano-Daigaku's Heimon
(punishment that bars one from the house) and Jujyoshi(the envoy to
confiscate the Ako castle) was appointed. Moreover they found out
taht Kouzukenosuke was alive and he was not to be punished.

With the news that Jujyoshi was appointed, Kuranosuke remembered
what would happen next. He had gone to Matsuyama castle with in
Bicchu as Takuminokami's Jujyoshi 7 years ago, and he achieved the
difficult duty, and confisting the castle.

The meeting about whether they would consult with the future Ako
inhabitants was not easy, but there were a lot of problems that had to
solved at once. They exchanged Hansatsu(paper money that circulate
within the territory) for money, with the merchants, the farmers, and
the fishermen at a rate of 60 per cent(Rokubugae). Rokubugae gives
an exchange of 10 monme of paper money for 6 monme of silver coin
(Ginka). In case of a finantial failure of feudal fief, as they had usually
not exchanged at such hight rate, it was to show Asano family's good
faith to people.

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