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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii8j

Paper money
in feudal fief

Moreover, Kuranosuke had to give a share of money to all retainers of
Takuminokami who had to leave Ako. He also had to take control of
the financial affairs of Han(feudal fief). Still more, they thought that
they should to take action in Bushi's honor.

Soon Kuranosuke called Hanshi together in the castle and held the last
large conference. At that time, most of the samurai's opinion was "all
who quarrel should be punished. It was wrong for a feudal lord to stab
another in a locaton where he should not do so, but we think it is only
partial punishment if Kira-Kouzukenosuke does not receive a punish-
ment. We hope that the Shogun has instituted considerable punish-
ment against Kouzukenosuke ." Kuranosuke and another Karo, Ohno-
Kurobe, had a differing opinions about surrendering the castle.

Kagakuji temple

Kurobei's opinoin was to "Deliver over the castle and say what you think.
If the surrender of the castle is late, it amounts to resistance against the
Shogunate and it is not good for the Daigaku." Kuranosuke's opinion
against it was "this is Ako castle, built by Asano. Besides, if Kozukenosuke
is alive, it's bad to surrender the castle.
But it is rude to the Shogunate if we shut ourselves in the castle
and resist them. So when the castle is surrended, we should commit
hara-kiri at Otemon gate and hope that the Shogunate punishes
Kouzukenosuke and restore the Asano family."

Together, the retainers decided that " If we deliver over the castle
while Kozukenosuke is alive, samurai's justice is ruined. If we can't
commit hara-kiri at Otemon, we commit it at Kagakuji, the Asano family
temple and hope that the Shogun punishes Kouzukenosuke and
restored the Asano family". Lastly Hara-Souemon said," I want any
person who are objects to this opinion to stand up and leave.
Ohno-Kurobei and those who agreed with his opinion left Ako castle at this

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