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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii9j


After this conference, Kuranosuke made two samurai go to the Edo shogunate
to meet Metsuke who would receive the right to have Ako Castle on March
29th. The two samurai would hand over the letter from Kuranosuke. It would
say, "It is not fair that the Asano family surrender Ako Castle and their
samurai are be broken up, but Kouzukenosuke is not punished".

But because Metske had already left Edo on April 11th, the two samurai
could'nt achieve their purpose. Moreover they returned bringing a
letter written by Toda-Ujisada(a first cousin of Asano-
Takuminokami) saying that it was bad to beg such a impoliteness to
the Shogun.

So Kuranosuke were forced to surrender Ako Castle. The samurai who decided
to follow Kuranosuke handed in their "Shinmon", the oath to God.
60 of the 300 samurai did this.

If Asano-Daigaku,the young brother of Takuminokami couldn't restore the Asano
family after the first anniversarry of Asano-Takuminokami's death,
Kuranosuke revealed a plan of revenge against Kozukenosuke to the samurai who
he trusted.


Horibe-Yasube and other samurai arrived at Ako on April 14th. Yasube
tried to persuade Kuranosuke to be beseiged in Ako castle and fight
with the Shogunate. Kuranosuke told them that they should trust him and
that he did not want to fight as Horibe-Yasube had suggested.
So Horibe-Yasube and the otheres returned to Edo.

Kuranosuke and the samurai prepared to surrender Ako Castle. On the 16th of
April, two Metsuke of the Shogunate, Araki-Juzaemon and Sakakibara-Uneme
arrived at Ako. On the 18th, they checked Ako Castle under the guidance of
Kuranosuke and others. At this time, every things was in order
Ako Castle. Kuranosuke had put the tools and arms in order and the castle was

At that time, Kuranosuke promised three times with all his heart to restore
the Asano family by Asano-Daigaku. Firstly in Kinnoma(a room named
gold) where they took tea, secondly in Ohshoin and the lastly when the
Metsuke left Ako Castle. Because of his sincere attitude, every person who heard
could not help being moved. So two Metsuke who came back to
the inn praised Kuranosuke who used his discretion in dealing with Ako
castle and promised to tell his passion to the Shogunate in Edo.

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