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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii1Qj

Sumida river

The people were encouraged by the fact that Kozukenosuke had decided
to move his residence to the head
house in the suburbs over the Sumida River, for it was convenient for them
to break in.

Then, Kuranosuke was asked to go to Edo. He left Yamashina
to go to Edo for the purpose of visiting his feudal lord's grave.

On November 10th, Kuranosuke held a meeting with his fifteen comrades
in Edo. Then, Horibe and his comrades suggested that they should wait until
the first anniversary of Takuminokami's death next March, and then
break in unless Daigaku's safety was not yet decided. Against
their suggestion, Kuranosuke said "I can not set a time limit on the restoration
of the Asano family". As a result, they decided to wait
until next March, and see if the Asano family was restored.
They also decided to examine the details of
Kira's residence.

The members who lived in Kansai, Yamashina, Kyoto, Fushimi,
Osaka and Ako disagreed with the members who lived in Edo, but at
this meeting they decided on a united purpose with Kuranosuke as
their leader.

This meeting was later referred to as the Edo conference.

Kuranosuke visited Takuminokami's grave at sengakuji temple, greeted
his wife Yozeiin or Metsuke Araki-Juzaemon, and left Edo to return to
Yamashina on November 23rd.

Following this, Kozukenosuke was allowed to retire on December 11th,
and it was arranged that
his adopted child Yoshichika would to take over.

The disposal of the Ninjo affairs remained to
be unfair and, Kozukenosuke retirement strengthened the anxiety of
Takuminokami's retainers to take revenge
particularly if he was hidden by the Uesugi family.

While these changes, newyear were occurring the of Genroku 15th(1702)
came. On February 15th, a meeting was held at Kuranosuke's house in
Yamashina, and some Roshi who lived in Osaka and Edo came to
consult with each other about whether they would take revenge on first
anniversary of Takuminokami's death in March. Because of the change in
situation the comrades in Edo said it was time to hurry and take revenge,
but others opposed this saying.

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