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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii13j

Red-light district
in Fushimi

"we should wait unti Daigakusama's punishment is
removed." The difference in opinion provoked
an argument. Onodera-Junai and Yoshida-Chuzaemon acted as

As a result, it was decided to try to settle the matter of the Asano family's
restoration by the third anniversary Takuminokami's death on March in
Genroku 16th(1703). They agreed with Kuranosuke's suggestion to seek
revenge after seeing the restoration of the family.

In this conference, they made it the main purpose to seek revenge
for Takuminokami rather than restore the Asano family. Yoshida-Chuzaemon and
others went to Edo eith this conclusion. This meeting has since been referred to
the Yamashina conference.

Then the comrades left to do different thiese.

Kuranosuke got drunk and had fun. It was said of him "He is not on Ako ronin
but on Aho(fool) ronin(masterless samurai), Ooishi(heavy stone) is light and
Harinukiishi(papier-mache stone)." But
Kuranosuke's reveling hid made the plan of revenge from the public and
from Kira. At the same time, Kuranosuke met with the commrades in
Edo and Kamigata( Kyoto and Osaka). He also continued
the restorstion movement of the Asano family from last year.

Commrades who asserted to be in a hurry for revenge continued to wait
On 18th July, Genroku 15th(1702), Daigaku's heimon(punishment)
was removed, but the original chigyo 3,000 koku were taken away and
Shogunate decided to leave Asano-Daigaku with the main Asano(370,000
koku) in Hiroshima. So the desire of restoring the Asanos was
completely lost.

An-yoji temple
in Kyoto

Chapter 5
The Plan of the Revenge
Kuranosuke gathered commrades who lived in Kyoto, Osaka and Fusfimi,
and a conference was held with comrades at Juuami, Kyoto-Maruyama(a
building in An-yoji)on 28th, July, Genroku 15th. As the probability of
restoring the Asano family was gone, carrying out the revenge was discussed again.
Everyone decided to gatherin Edo in October and pledged not to forestall.

This was the Maruyama conference. At that time, the one hundred and twenty
Roshi of Kamigata and Edo who had followed Kuranosuke were
forced to determine their attitude, exactly.

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