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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii2j


At this time, Takuminokami was 35 years old. Roju, who had the highest
duties of the Edo era directed to Takuminokami. "I appoint you in charge
of the feast of Chokushi. This role has old customs, so you must ask Koke
hitto(the highest officer among Koke), Kira-Kouzukenosuke who holds the
highest position of Koke about it,and you must act according to what he

Koke were the distinguished families which were descended from
Muromachi era. For example, Kira and Oda were descended from Sengoku
era. They administered the ceremony of Shogunate and acted as the deputy
of the Shogun. Koke was not Daimyo(samurai more than 10000 koku) but
Hatamoto(They was samurai under the immediate control ofshogun more
than 100 koku or less than 10,000 koku and can greet with Shogun.) Koke
was the distinguished family and the social standing of the family treated
Daimyo as Kozukenosuke Governed 4,200 koku of Kira Cho, Aichi and
Fujinawa, Annaka, Gunma as the clan was the age of 61. He was the
highest role of Koke and his rank became more than small Dimyo.

When Takuminokami was 17 years old, he had been in the charge of the
feast to Chokushi once. At that time, Ohishi-Tanomonosuke-Yoshishige
directed him and he acted the role without difficulty. However he thought
there might have been some change in the ceremony and preparation, so
he checked a lot. He sent to two Kashins(retainers) for Asano-Tosanokami
(the feudal lord of Miyoshi, Hirosima,50,000 koku) which was Takuminokami's
wife's parental home to ask, because he had acted the same position in the
9th Genroku(1696).

Takuminokami carefully inquired here and there about presents and

As soon as Kozukenosuke returned home from Kyoto to Edo
on February 29, Takuminokami visited the Kira's residence and he said "I
was appointed in charge of the feast of Chokushi, the messenger of the Emperor
and refered to many ceremony. But Roju ordered me to ask you for
instructions. Please tell what they are."

As usual, Takuminokami gave a present to Kozukenosuke, but several
retainers said "as we heard the rumor that Kozukenosuke was grasping, we
thought that he had many presents to give Kozukenosuke. But Takuminokami
answered "it was bad to give a gift to Kozukenosuke before my duty was over.
I tried to thank to Kozukenosuke very much for his advice" and he denied his
retainer's advice. For that reason, it was said that Kozukenosuke was on bad
terms with Takuminokami.

Takuminokami provided for the lodging house for Chokushi and sent his two
retainers to Shinagawa to meet Chokushi on May 10.

On May 11, when Chokushi arrived from Shinagawa to Edo, Takuminokami
went to meet Chokushi with Roju and Koke.

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