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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii17j

After that,Gengo Otaka received information from Sohen that the tea
ceremony was held at Kira's house on the 14th. As Kuranosuke also
received the same information from another person, they judged that
Kira-Kozukenosuke was at home.

Weapons or tools which had been prepared before were stored in
Horibe's house.

The day when they took revenge, some people wrote "good-bye"letters
for their families or acquaintances.

Onodera-Junai wrote and left behind a note left behind for his wife who
was staying at Kyoto. This is the contents of the letter. "The day has
come. I think the revenge will be complete within 3 days from today. For
the last 2 years, we did our best and now we face the revenge. I think
our wish is fulfilled and all who will participate are excited. Kira is also
prepared for our revenge so whether we win or lose will depend on luck.
As I said before I won't think it unpleasant or reproachful whatever
punishment is given are by Kogi and even if my dead body will be shown
I think my duty will be fulfilled because my dead body will show Samurai
loyalty to the whole country and it will encourage men's mind."

Group of front gate

Otaka-Gengo went to Sohen on the 14th and he again made sure that the
tea ceremony was to be held.

Chapter 7
The snow which had fallen the previous day remained in the shade on the
night of the 14th.

The group of Samurai met at Horibe Yasube's house as they had decided
and were ready for Uchiiri. Then they droped in on Maebara and Kanzaki's
store and everyone met together. Their uniform was Momohiki (underpants),
Kyahan(puttees), Waraji(straw sandals) and black short sleeve which were
covered by white cloth on which they wrote their names as the sign of their

At last Uchiiri at Kita's residence was carried out at 4 a.m. on the 15th.
47 Samurai divided into two groups "Omote mon and Ura mon," and they
carried out Uchiiri.

The leader "Kuranosuke" and 23 Samurai went into Kira's house from
Omote mon, and they climbed up a bamboo ladder to the roof and attacked
Kira's residence one after another. Otaka, who attacked first, beat gate-
keepers who were surprised and screamed and he tied up them at the gate.
Samurai rushed in the front entrance and put up a sign board "Asano-
takumike raiko jou"(which was stated the purpose of Uchiiri) in front of the

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