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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii18j

They gave their name and fought with the purpose of paying off an old
lord of the late Asano Takuminokami.

Twenty-four comrades attacked via the back gate. They accepted
Ohishi-Chikara as their leader and Yoshida-Chuzaemon became
Chikaraz's Koken(guardian). Firstly Sugino-Juheiji and some comrades
broke the back gate with a big hammer and sneaked into the residence
shouting "Fire!, Fire!."

They shared their several roles. Kataoka-Gengoemon and eight
comrades sneaked into the residence as a group via the front gate.
Hayami-Tozaemon and four comrades were in charge of keeping an eye out
outoside. Kuranosuke, Hara and one more person were the leaders who
stayed near the front gate. Horibe-Yahyoe and five comrades guarded
the front gate and the new gate because they had to catch the enemy
who was going to run away from the residence outside.

Picture of revenge

The group at the back gate shared several roles, too. Isogai-
Jurozaemon, Horibe-Yasube and eight comrades sneaked into the
residence. Ohishi-Chikara and ten comrades fought outside.
Yoshida-Chuzaemon, Onodera-Junai and one more man were ordered
to stay near the back gate, and were ready prepared to catch the
enemy who was going to run away.

They looked for the Kozukenosuke all over even looking under the
floor boards of the residence. They searched all over the residence
again for him because they thought that he could not run along away.
This search was by no means easy. At this time, what were the 47
samurai feeling? To not fulfil their ambitions and their aims, their
painful attempts would be futile. They were very much in a hurry.

Yoshida-Chuzaemon and his comrades encouraged them because they
had until daybreak. They looked for him the upmost care and attention.

When Chuzaemon and Hazama-Jujiro were looking for him in the
garden, they looked by chance in the charcoal room by the corner of
kitchen. They broke down the door and went in and suddenly felt a
man's presence.

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