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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samurai(19)

The party at the outoside front gate were the following memberes:
Oishi-Kuranosuke(44), Hara-Soemon(55), Mase-Kyudayu(62),
Horibe-Yahee(76), Okano-Kinemon(23), Kaiga-Yazaemon(53),
Muramatsu-Kihee(61), Yato-Emoshichi(17), Yokogawa-Kanpei(36),
Chikamatsu-Kanroku(33), Hayami-Tozaemon(39), Otaka-Gengo(31),
Hazama-Jujiro(25), Kanzaki-Yogoro(37).

The party at indoor front gate were the following:
Kataoka-Gengoemon(36), Tominomori-Sukeemon(33), Okuda-Magodayu(56),
Yata-Goroemon(28), Yoshida-Sawemon(28), Okajima-Yasoemon(37),
Takebayashi-Tadashichi(31), Katta-Shinzaemon(23), Onodera-Koemon(27).

The party at the back gate were the following members.
The party at the outside back-gate were the following:
Oishi-Chikara(15), Yoshida-Chuzaemon(62), Onodera-Junai(60),
Hazama-Kihee(68), Ushioda-Matanojo(34), Nakamura-Kansuke(47),
Fuwa-Kazuemon(33), Senba-Saburobee(50), Kimura-Okaemon(45),
Maebara-Isuke(39), Mase-Maogkuro(22), Okuda-Sadaemon(25),
Kayano-Wasuke(36), Hazama-Shinroku(23).

Group of back gate

The party at the inside front-gate were the following:
This figures in brackets are the age the men were at the time of the
act of revenge.

Picture of revenge

When they took a few step in, someone threw plates, bowls and
charcoal at them at random. One samurai rushed out of the room, and
then two samurai rushed out following him and attacked him with their
swords. So he stoped them from doing so immediately but something
still moved in the back. When Hazama-Jujiro stabbed in a spera, there
was a sign of drawing the sword and trying to keep out. So Tadashichi
Takebayashi stabbed the sword from the side.

They tried to pull the man out. He was about sixty years old and the
condition of his age and his clothes indicated that he was Kozuke-
nosuke. They examined him as they thought he must have some scars
on his forehead or on his head as a result of last year's incident. They
couldn't find the scar on his forehead very easily because it was lost
in the present stab wounds, but they found the scar on his back. Since
they believed they were sure that he wasKozukenosuke, they blew a
small whistle as a signal(a sign which they had decided in advance) and
gathered together. When the guard for the front gate confirmed it was
really him,they were all convinced that it was Kozukenosuke.

So Kuranosuke's life came to an end. Hazama-Jujiro who first stabbed
him with spear, cut off his head. All of them got their hearts' desire at
last and they cried with joy.

Afterwards they went towards the back gate to withdraw. They made
one more round of the residence, put out some candles which were still
burning, poured some water into a hibachi(charcoal brazier) and on a
fireplace and extiguished the cause of fire as ordered by Kuranosuke.
Then they left.

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