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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii20j

Ekoin temple

Two hours had passed since they had broken into Kira's residence.
The eastern sky became bright at about six o'clock in the morning. The
Hatamoto who lived near Kira's residence were aware of the act of
revenge, but they didn't help Kira because they sympathized with
Kuranosuke. Hara, Onodera and Kataoka explained why they were going
to attack Kira in advance, and apologized when they pulled out of Kira's

Chapter 8
After the revenge attack
They tried to go to Honjo-Ekoin, but they couldn't get in because the
bonze did not open the gate. So they went south along the bank of the
Sumida river and crossed Eitai bridge and went towards Sengakuji temple.
On the way, Kuranosuke let Yoshida-Chuzaemon and Tominomori-
Sukeemon bring "Asano-Takuminokami's retainer is message" to
Ohmetsuke(the Shogunate's officer who was in charge of watching Daimyo,
a feudal lord) at Sengoku-Houkinokami's residence. On the way to the
Sengakuji temple, Terasaka-Kichiemon who parted from the party for some
unknown reson was pursued for questionning by the Shogunate. It was
hardly perceived as important because Terasaka had the social position
of Ashigaru(the lowest position of a samurai).
They arrived at the Sengakuji temple at 9 o'clock in the morning. They
lay Kira's head on Takuminokami's grave, and reported the success of
the revenge attack and burned incense.

Sengakuji temple

Roju and Wakadoshiyori(the officer who controlled Hatamoto and was
the next position down from Roju) had a conference in Edo Castle led
by Sengoku-Hokinokami. The Shogun let Ako-Roushi stay for the
meantime as the Hosokawa-Ecchunokami-Tsunatoshi, Matsudaira-
Okinokami-Sadanao, Mori-Kainokami-Tsunsmoto, Mizuno-Kenmotsu-
Tadayuki. (Hosokawa was in charge of governing 540,000 koku
teritories which were in Higo Kumamoto. Matsudaira was to govern
150,000 koku teritories which were in Iyo Matsuyama. Mori was to
govern 50,000 koku teritories which were in Nagato Chofu. Mizuno
was to govern 50,000 koku teritories which were in Mikawa Okazaki.)

Seventeen of Ako-Roushi stayed at Hosokawa's residence, ten stayed
at Matsudairas; ten stayed at Moris; and nine stayed at Mizunos;

The forty-six men stayed at each of the four residences from that
right up until the 4th February in the next year, the day ot hara-kiri.
(Harakiri is to commit suicide with a sword). They were made extremely

Hosokawa, Matsudaira, Mori and Mizuno who took pride in taking care
of the Ako-Roushi let entertainment samurai respond to their every
needs. It goes without saying that they prepared their food and clothes,
they prepared books which the Ako-Roushi wanted to read and they
gave reading glasses to the older men that needed them.

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