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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii23j

Takashima castle

In the meantime, Kira-Yoshichika's Chigyochi(his fief) was taken away,
and held as a hostage of Suwa-Akinokami(the feudal lord of Takashima,
30,000 koku) in Takashima, Shinshu. It was for this reason that people
believed that his management technique on the night of the revenge
attack was inadequate. Yoshichika died from desease on Hosei 3th(1706)
and Kira's family ended in ruin.

Asano-Daigaku-Nagahiro was appointed to Hatamoto and given Chigyochi
(the fief of 500 koku) in Chiba prefecture. Moreover the amnesty was
granted there after Shogun Tsunayoshi's death.

In those days, a notice board on which was written "it was important to do
your duty both to your lord and to your parents" was standing, but after
the disposal of the Ako-roshi it was painted over in Chinese ink. It has
been said that even if a new notice board was put up, the word "Chuko"
would be blanked out with mud and the board would be thrown into the
river. So the Shogunate decided to rewrite the board and on it was written
"close relatives parent and children, should live in harmony with each

Map of Ako in Edo era drawn

This text book that was translated into English was "Ako-Gishi-
Monogatari"(the story of the 47 loyal retainers of Ako) published by Akoshi
Bunka Shinkozaidan and edited by Akoroshi Kyoiku Kenkyusho Gishi &

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