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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii3j

Edo castle

Doctor Genkei Terai recomended the medicine to Takuminokami because
he felt unwellt.

Chokushi visited Edo Castle to tell the Emperor's directions to the
Shogun on March 12th. They were well received.

Nogaku,the public entertainment that the actor sings a Noh song in time
to the Musical accompaniment and play to put his mask on his face was
held in Edo castle. It was over according to the plan on 13th.

On 14th the Shogun was to answer Chokushi and Inshi, and gave a present
in return. Shogun's mother Keishoin and the Shogun's wife would give a
present too. Then Chokusi's task would be finished. But an unexpected
affair happened at Edo Castle on 14th March.

According to notes which were written by Yosobei Kajikawa, he went to
Shiroshoin for a meeting with Kozukenosuke about eleven o'clock in the
morning, because Chokushi would come that time. Daimyo had already come
and waited in each room.

At that time, Takuminokami who was a receptionist of Chokushi asked
Kozukenosuke "Is it ok, if I behave in the same way as yesterday? "

Kozukenosuke said in a loud voice "You should have investigated the
traditional custom in advance, and should have fulfiled your responsibility.
What do you mean to ask me now ?" He sneered at him and said " You can't
fulfil your responsibility now because you said such a thing!" Then
Kozukenosuke went away. He said this in a loud voice for the purpose of
being heard by the Daimyo. What he said was hard on Takuminokami.
Moreover, whenever Takuminokami had previously asked, Kozukenosuke had
said "You may do as usual." and didn't answered to Takuminokami's question.

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