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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii4j

Corridor with pine
tree pictures

Takuminokami felt angry. The uncomfortable thought which he had kept
on having since the 11th day was suddnely fulfilled and couldn't endure.

Yosebe called on Kozukenosuke soon but couldn't find him, so he met
with Takuminokami and said, "I'm going to meet Chokushi(a messenger of
the Emperor) please come with me as the salute messenger of Keishoin."
Takuminokami answered, "all right".

When Yosobe was about to leave Shiro-shoin(the drawing room) enter
"Matsu-no-Roka"(the corridor with pine tree pictures), he said," please
take care of me." He said a few words to Kozukenosuke who he came
upon. When Takuminokami said "You remember lately my grudge don't
you?" and drew a small sword from his waist with which he cut
Kozukenosuke. When Kozukenosuke heard Takuminokami's shout and
turned back, his forehead was cut by Takuminokami.

And when Kozukenosuke tried to escape toward Yosobe, his back was
also cut and he fell down on his face. He had only a slight wound on the
forehead because the sword touched the metal of his Eboshi(a kind of
crown which court noble and samurai wore long ago). But Kazukenosuke
became enraged because the cut was bleeding badly and the cut on his
back was also bleeding. In the meantime Yosobe pressed Takuminokami
to his bosom and pinioned to Takuminokami's dominant hand.

By the Denchu(the inside of Edo castle) was very noisy. Takuminokami
repeated," because I had a grudge against Kozukenosuke from a few days
ago, I was obliged to cut him even though we were in the Denchu and I
was very sorry about what I did on this important day". He was held by
strong Yosobe and continuously struggled. Yosobe didn't let down his
hands easily because of the Denchu. Takuminokami continuousuly said,
"let me go. It's a pity. It's a pity." And he also said, "I am also the
feudal lord of the castle and I haven't gone mad. I want to mend my
formal dress. I don't have a grudge against the shogunate. I won't resist
it." Then Takuminokami was taken toward his Tsumedokoro. Yosobe took
the small sword from Takuminokami's hand and drew it out of the sheath at
the waist, the sheathed his sword and gave it to a man near him.

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