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The Story
the Ako Forty-Seven samuraii5j

Yosobe wrote about the incident. He felt sorry for Takuminokami. I
clung to Kozukenosuke because I thought I should do that for Bakufu.

Kozukenosuke was looked after by Obozu(an officer with a bonze head
who served the Shogunate and worked at the tea ceremony) and Koke.
He asked them to carry him to the docter. So Kozukenosuke was
brought to the doctor's room and had his wound treated.

Torishirabeyaku who was the examiner of the Shogunate made a
thorough investigation into the event by talking to Yosobe Takuminokami
and Kozukenosuke.

Takuminokami said to two Metsukeyaku(officers that watch the behavior
of samurai) "I don't intend to explain myself. I don't have a grudge
against the Shogun. It was just my personal grudge, I was beside myself
with anger and caused a disturbance. Even so I will accept any
punishments. I don't have anything to say to the Shogunate. I regret
that I couldn't kill Kozukenosuke."

In the meantime, Kozukenosuke said in a feeble voice from the room of
the doctor.


Map of corridor with pine tree pictures

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