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 Wasuke’s father and Kanzaki-Yogoro’s father were 
both masterless Samurai who served the clan of Mr.Mori
at Sakusyu,Tsuyama domain.
Only for year ago,before the affair of Genroku 
happened,Wasuke was a retainer of Asano-Takuminokami 
with Goryo Sanninbichi.In spite of a new comer,he 
joined an alliance from the beginning of autum fifty 
years Genroku when Oishi-Chikara went to Edo he also 
went with Onodera-Junai.He lived with Isogai-Juro-
zaemon’s house in Shibagensuke town,and he searched 
for Kira.On the day of the surprise attack on the 
Kira he belonged to the back gate group,he fired a 
bow and arrow.
When they returned to Sengaku temple.One of 
temple‘s priests asked him to write a commemoration.
And he wrote “If we think about flowers,bloming and 
withering we all most die.
Nothing is left except the earth in Morogami.And 
Waka “The world prospers and delines” gave him 
Later Kayano-Wasuke-Tunenari was caught by Mizuno-
Kenmotsu,Wasuke was met by Kenmotsu on the premises 
of Mita-shikoku town on December the twenty-first.
The Wasuke composed a “I rid of the laying snow 
under the shining garden and appreciate the beautiful 
Thanks for hospitality of Mizuno’s family.

The photos used here come from the "Ako-Gishi-Meimeiden" and
"Oishi Shrine and Ako Castle" published by Oishi Jinja Shrine.

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