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wooden sculpture Kao signature


Isuke was a relation of Asano for two generations from his
father and he would at Edo.
"After the affair , he did't go to Ako and he was active with"
Horibe-Yasubei as a member of radicai group in Edo.
"Becouse he knew how to succeed well, he diaquised himself"
as a merchant old clothes and pretended to be a peddler.
He went into the house of Kira and he spied the casthe the
state here.
After that he opend a rice shop near Kira's back gate in Honjo
Aioi town.
He called himself Gorobei running a rice shop.
He searched Kira's house.
Durink this time Isuke "r" with Kanzaki-
Kimura-Okaemon helped them.
The day of uchiiri(injuring other person with Katana)
Gorobei's rice shop was one of the meeting places.
When he and another member of the clan left to go and "kill
Kira-Kozukenosuke, he wrote to the owoner of" "the house "
"I will give you my furniture and goods."
You may dispase of them as you like''.
He hurried to Kira's house.
"Becouse Isuke knew Kira's house very well, he became "the
leader of the back gate group and was active in wars.
"After that he was entrusted into Mouri-Kainokami's house,
the" died Feburary fourth.

The photos used here come from the "Ako-Gishi-Meimeiden" and
"Oishi Shrine and Ako Castle" published by Oishi Jinja Shrine.

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