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Magokuro was the Mase-Kyudayu's oldest son heir.
When a serious conference was held in the castle because of
the news of his lord's injury in the pine tree corridor he was
present with his father and joined the promise to revenge from
the beginning in spite of his positioin as heir.
He moved from Ako to Katogun with his father in June.
He attended the meeting at Maruyama, Kyoto oil July,the
15th in the year of Genroku.
At that time, his father Kyudayu suggested that they should
kill their enemy, Kozukenosuke and all the rest of Kuranosuke's
party decided to revenge saying, "It' s reasonable."
Magokuro went to Edo together with Yoshida-Sawaemon and
Fuwa-Kazuemon and into the shop of lzumiya-Gorobei's at
Shinfucho 4 chome and lived with his father, Kyudayu and they
were assigned to inquire into the state of their enemy.
When they made a surprise attack on their enemy Magokuro was
at the back gate and fought desperately outside.
It is said that he had a kind heart, because when they withdrew
to Sengakuji on the way, near Shibahamamatsu town, a child clung
to the shaft of Magokuro's spear and the child wanted to have
an armband. So he tore it off and he gave it to the child.
After that, he was left in under the supervision of Mizuno and he
commited ritual suicide at the young age of 23.

The photos used here come from the "Ako-Gishi-Meimeiden" and
"Oishi Shrine and Ako Castle" published by Oishi Jinja Shrine.

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