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Katogun-kanjota is work's name and 9koku 3 ninbuchiis(saraiy's
Sadaemon was born of a different mother from his older brotber
Chikamatsu-Kanroku. He became a son-in-law of Okuda-
Magodayu when be married his daughter at a young ago.
The Sadaeman couple were very happy and they were blessed
with a child and lived a happy life. But he had taken part in
the Gimei(promise) when he was young with father in low Magodayu
and Kanroku (his old brother) . On the fifteenth of March in the
year Sadaemon was Iiving in Fukakawa-Hachimancho (town's name)
with Magodayu, but he and his wife and child moved to a rented
house of Shin eman . Becauce it was easier to make contact vith
his comrades. During the battle(Battle name is 'Uchiiri" Sadaemon
belonged to the Uramon party and he fought desperately with
Oishi-Chikara and Fuwa-Kazuemon to take a post (Post name is
Yagai) .
Later Sadaemon was cought by Mizuno-Kenmotsu and he died
on February fourth at the age of twenty six.

The photos used here come from the "Ako-Gishi-Meimeiden" and
"Oishi Shrine and Ako Castle" published by Oishi Jinja Shrine.

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